Our Services

Measurement of Kitchen Countertops

Once we are ready to make your granite countertops purchase decision, a trained technician visits your home to take the precise measurements of your countertops. We use our Proliner or Faro Arm Digital Templating machine to measure your countertops to produce a computer file. This technology is also used in industries where high precision measurements are required. The digital templating  method ensures that human errors are avoided and measurements are accurate. Customers can see a computer model (CAD Drawing) of their countertops right after the templating process and can suggest modifications or changes. Accurate measurement results in perfectly installed kitchen countertops.


Cutting the Stone

The drawings and specifications of your job are then reviewed by our production manager to make sure they are complete. A special digital camera installed over our ANTEA CNC Bridge saw takes the picture of the granite slab placed on the saw table and displays the photo on the operating monitor of the CNC Saw. Then the kitchen drawing is overlaid over the slab picture. This aids in the perfect location of the seams (joints) and also aids in eliminating the defects in the stone slab. Once the layout is done, the slab is cut automatically resulting in accurate dimensions.

CNC Fabrication

The cut granite pieces are then forwarded to one of our two CNC machines with the help of Manzelli vacuum lifting system. On these sophisticated machines the granite countertop pieces are fabricated. This includes making the custom edges, polishing the edges, making the cutouts for under mount sinks and cook tops, and drilling the holes for the faucets. The CNC machine not only allows for faster fabrication and increased production but will also enable us to provide our customers with desired custom shapes and consistent high quality.

Seams or Joints

Due to the limitations of the granite slab size, some of the kitchen countertops will have seams. One of the biggest concerns of home owners planning granite countertops is seams. Our CNC machine uses a set of Z-Polishing tools to make both surfaces of the seams smooth thereby reducing the gap to minimum possible, making seams less conspicuous.

Flat Edge Polisher

With our Flat polishing machine, we are able to make high quality flat polishing on all of the stone backsplashes or any smaller countertop pieces with straight edges. This machine enables us to be very efficient in fabricating backsplashes.

Final Hand-Fabrication and Quality Control

After the CNC fabrication is completed, the countertops are placed on tables specially made for handling granite. Our highly skilled hand fabricator inspects the entire countertop and completes any further improvements needed. The improvements may include final polishing steps, taking care of any sharp edges, fixing any chips in the edge profiles, etc. Once satisfied with the final outcome, the pieces are cleaned thoroughly and sealed with DuPont sealer. At this point the granite countertops are ready to go. Our in-house install teams place you granite in our specially designed trucks to come to your home for the final installation.


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